Thursday, 1 October 2009

Richmond Estate - Finally a response!

I have returned from a 2 day training course in Manchester - which also saw me lose the entirety of Tuesday. So please do not be perturbed by the recent deficiency of posts. I am pleased however, to see that RMG are now choosing to respond and include a response received from a lead officer within their organisation, after my recent relay of emails including listed defects (sic):

"Dear Mr Wilson,

Thank you for your email.

As the Block Buildings Insurance has just been paid there is currently insufficient funds to proceed with the works required to attend to the issues listed below.

We are actively pursuing non paying Residents and the Directors are aware of the situation.

Please be assured that we do take all complaints seriously but can only take action where the Management Companies funding will allow us. We have already spent well over £5000 on the removal of bulk refuse this year, which is out of our control, if we do not remove it, no one else will.

To keep the development up to scratch we would need to do bulk refuse removal every week and this is just not viable, we are going to implement into the new budget a monthly removal, we can not do more then that going forward.

I can not at this time issue instructions to contractors as we can not pay them. This is not mismanagement by RMG, this is down to individual leaseholders not being able to currently afford to pay there service charge, and so are going to court over the coming months.

I hope the above is of assistance to you."

I have, of course, requested a copy of the latest set of accounts for the estate and will keep you informed of any findings.

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