Friday, 2 October 2009

Hope not Hate!

Many of you will have seen the debate in the Ilford Recorder in which I wrote about the persecution that I and my family suffered in the 80's when racism was rather more widespread. This week a Mr Wood from South Park queried my write to suggest that the BNP was a party for hate. Yet here is a copy of an email I received from The Hope not Hate campaigners:

"Hi Wilson,

I just wanted to drop you a quick reminder about our HOPE not Hate events across London tomorrow. Following the conviction of Richard Barnbrook last week, hundreds upon hundreds of people donated money to the HOPE not Hate movement so that we can let the voters know the real truth about the BNP. I'm now writing to ask you to donate your time - so that we can get this message out. There are events across London tomorrow - we need to use this moment to stand up against the lies, fear and hate of the BNP. Please find your local event here.

We need to act - the BNP highest elected official in London, Barnbrook, made up the murder of two teenagers. He was prepared to lie about young people dying - insulting all the parents who have actually lost a child because of knife crime.
And why did he lie? To whip up hate in our communities and to get votes for the BNP.
We have a responsibility to let every Londoner know the depths the BNP are willing to plunge to spread fear and hate. We believe in hope, fairness and justice. And the differences between us and the BNP couldn't be clearer.

I'd like you to donate an hour or so of your time tomorrow.

Find details of your nearest event here.

Together we can distribute thousands of leaflets across the whole of London and make sure that everyone knows the truth."

Do please follow the links by clicking on underlined words and take part in the protest to make Britain a safer, and more integrated nation. The BNP has a woeful impression of what women are for, they are a party of hatred directed towards ethnic minorities, homosexuals and other groups. The hope not hate website is full of highlighted instances describing just some of their distasteful comments and actions.

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