Monday, 19 October 2009

Grove Farm planning application to be heard on 26th October- please register

Bad news I am afraid! Grove Farm Development rears its ugly head again!

Please click here to see latest letter from the planning department.

A new Planning application has been submitted by East Homes for Grove Farm. The project is still up to 6 storeys high and has been reduced only slightly to 104 dwellings. Some of the issues I personally have with this project include:

  • The development is too large for an area deficient of school places and parking and will create excessive logistical burden.

  • The proposed Right hand filter lane will increase an already congested area and introduce an element of danger to crossing children visiting Chadwell Heath Primary School.

  • 104 dwellings and a 6 storey development will reduce sunlight to other neighbouring properties, induce antisocial behaviour due to density of population - peer and group culture. Moreover, it will only increase the existing over development of Chadwell ward and will not be in alignment with neighbouring properties, reducing the privacy of existing residents.

  • The site is said to have stag beetles a protected species and a priority under the Redbridge Biodiversity plan. Has an investigation been undertaken by an appropriate body..?

  • Parking allocation is at 90% but does not take into account that many homes will have more than 1 driver.

  • I raised a suggestion at an Area 5 committee meeting during the formation of a pre-planning brief, that the properties should be limited to 3 storeys. This was agreed by all Councillors. How then, are 6 storeys now acceptable…?

  • The 104 properties are of a variety of sizes ranging from 4 bed properties to 1 bed properties. The overall number of rooms for the site is over 300. Both the parking and local facilities cannot support a scheme of this size.

  • What safety measures will be taken to prevent arson attacks and reduce bulky waste deposits to bin areas - a pervading social malaise affecting all large residential estates in Chadwell?

    A link to the Planning application where you can learn more can be found on my blog (do write comments on the blog as well as the Council website as I will use this as evidence) - following this link:

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