Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Great news another NHW!

At the recent Mayesford Avenue, Hickman Road and Reynolds Avenue NHW Meeting we had an enormous attendance of 7 local people. This is not bad for a start up groups and was the product of two letter drops on the road. Since then two other residents have emailed apologies and confirmed they will be at the next meeting – as I am sure will many others as time progresses.

A very good Coordinator and Deputy have been selected (the Coordinator is actually a Magistrate) and things look very promising for this group.

Sgt Lowrie from the Chadwell SNT arrived and was very productive providing several useful leaflets, free tamper proof screws- to prevent licence plate theft, energy saving bulbs and he provided window posters warning people that the police would be called to anyone trick or treating in the area.

After my introduction Sgt Lowrie advised us that there had been 3 burglaries, 1 cannabis detection and 2 vehicle thefts in the last quarter. He also informed us that Chadwell is one of the worst wards for burglary in the borough, although burglary is high throughout and across the country. He surmised that a potential consequence of the recession is this increase in burglary and clarified in response to a question, that burglars that have been caught or spotted are of a rich cultural diversity, vary in age and even a female has been caught. In short – you just don’t know what they look like!

Sgt Lowrie confirmed that times vary and that UPVC doors are being targeted by thieves. He provided an information leaflet on how to deter UPVC burglary. I have copies for any viewers that would like one and can email one across on request.

One resident asked if more vehicles could be used to patrol the streets looking out for burglaries. It transpired that the Borough has two additional burglary specific vehicles. These are to be shared throughout the Borough. However, a significant priority has been set for the patrolling of Chadwell due to high level of theft and burglaries.

Artifice burglary is being used which is a technical phrase for people that look professional (in suits or uniforms) in our without a snazzy car, undertaking burglary or casing a property.

Sgt Lowrie also explained that his team would be patrolling the ward during Halloween and that test purchases were being taken on Firework distributors – which provided no end of solace.

All who came felt they had learnt more about their roads and made new friends. A very positive future is in store for this group as every participant agreed to safety involved and offered differing involvement.

Concerns were raised regrading the increase in boy racers within the Halfords Car Park on the High Street. Sgt Lowrie informed visitors that this crime was on their schedule of work.

Having a Sergeant at a NHW meeting is a rare and wonderful thing and Sgt Lowrie expressed his confidence in the need for NHW's whilst confirming that although his team could not attend every meeting, they would try to be at as many as possible and would provide support and feedback to coordinators. There are few Sergeants like him!

The usual suspects!

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