Friday, 2 October 2009

Community Crime Fighters - the next step!

Wilson with Chief Inspector Peter Crowcroft of Chesire Constabulary
In September 2008 Jacqui Smith the former Home Secretary devised the "Community Crime Fighters" programme. This was following the report from Louise Casey , the Government Crime and Justice Advisor when commissioned to look at how crime could be better tackled in the country. Louise's advice was "Crime is tackled most effectively when local people work together with Police and other criminal justice agencies"

The Community Crime Fighters began in December 2008 and to date over 2000 people have been trained with proven results. The course provides opportunities in learning:

  • What the Policing pledge mean locally.
  • The tools and powers local authorities could and should be using to tackle antisocial behaviour and crime.
  • The help provided to victims and witnesses of crime and antisocial behaviour.
  • Ways to get the best out of local crime fighting agencies.
In a previous post I talked about a series of road shows, that included seminars from leading Police, ASBO and Home Office officials. I was invited by our local Police to attend the event and attained knowledge of how better to work in partnership with other agencies when tackling crime. I was then invited to attend a two day training course in Manchester which finished yesterday. The trainers provided information on the laws that we can use to benefit us when tackling local crime, they provided a more in depth understanding of local crime agencies, their roles and responsibilities and how our council fit into the overall crime prevention picture. The tools they have provided include a list of laws that we can use when tackling specific incidents and we went through a number of interactive awareness exercises. All in all it was an excellent event and very rewarding.
Of course we had fun too and the Home office covered our subsidence and travel expenses. Moreover they are looking to train 3000 people in total on their comprehensive two day course. There are still places left and the next central London -1 day seminar- road show, is scheduled for the 25th November 2009. If you would like to attend contact your local Safer Neighbourhood Team - call 0800 197 2965 or view: quote ref: ccf02

As you can see the entire group really enjoyed the course and we were really buoyed by the efforts the Home Office, Police and Local Council's are putting into what should become a really worthwhile scheme.

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