Friday, 2 October 2009

Depravities of the human mind!

I have received reports from local residents that one man from the frequently reported group of homeless drunks often seen around the Green Lane, Gordon Road and Connaught Road area is now purportedly frequently sitting at the bus stop on Green Lane near the betting shop and ogling children coming from the local schools and their mothers. Mothers and children alike are finding the behaviour both offensive and rather frightening. I have reported the insidious activity to the Police and hope for a positive outcome in removing the individual. I will keep you informed of progress.

If anyone else has seen the activity and can identify the man please get in contact as I wish to build a portfolio of evidence for the Police - to empower them to be able to take appropriate action. My details are on the right hand side top of this blog. I have an image from a previous story on the blog that might help with an image of the regular group of drunks. Click here.
The police have responded and the most excellent Sgt Paul Keely of Mayfield Ward Safer Neighbourhood team has spoken to some of the victims and has stated:
"I have tasked my officer to complete daily patrols in the area of the betting shop and the off licence in Green Lane over the next three weeks."
Should you wish to contcat him directly please call 020 8721 2028.

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