Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Loxford Polyclinic

By now many of you will be aware of the existence of the Loxford Polyclinic which now provides a lot of the Minor Operations (non- elective), traditionally undertaken at our larger hospitals. This will include a phlebotomy service, ophthalmic service, severe dental service, Sexually transmitted infection service and much more. I will provide a fuller description in a future blog.

What many of you will perhaps not be aware of is that I have been involved with the Loxford Polyclinic Community Panel and we held our first post-initiation meeting, which was a resounding success. The PCT have been very honest and open with us and have informed us of some teething problems with installed software that caused delays over the weekend and Monday morning, however, this glitch has now been rectified and a long term solution preventing a recurrence is being developed.

The new facilities are excellent and can actually be used by all residents of the borough -rather than going to the larger hospitals. An existing target stipulates that any person in the borough should have access to an appointment within 24 hours. These would have to arranged via your own GP' Clinics.

The clinic had a number of delays in the Construction phase that resulted in a 2 month extension to the initial opening date. However, It now looks a far sight better than when it was in its construction phase and is very state of art!
The next Polyclinic - within a wider Polyclinic system that will eventually serve the borough - is to be located on the site of King George Hospital!
The PCT will be placing a picture of all the Polyclinic Community Panel in the foyer of the new Loxford Polyclinic to thank the panel for its hard work and commitment. So you may be seeing my mugshot around for some time yet!

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