Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Urination in South Park - A solution has been found!

It is a shame that peoples enjoyment of South Park and resident quality of life is being eroded by the acts of a few mindless and rather disgusting individuals - who choose to urinate in bushes near South Park Drive.

It is well known that South Parks toilets have been improved and re-opened and they have won a few Borough-wide cleanliness awards. Yet a few persistent joggers refuse to recognise the health and safety implications of urinating in bushes that are only yards from the toilets? Surely if exercising, a slightly longer jog would burn more calories? The perpetrators may not be aware that is illegal to urinate in public places and that if they are seen by children and adults more severe breaches of law are taking place.

I include a very positive response from the Parks Manager to my request to lower the height of the bushes at which the activity is most prominent :

"In response to the urinating issue, the area described has already been earmarked to have the shrubs lifted, which in essence have the same effect. The term contractor will roll this out in the forth-coming weeks. Obviously the other enforcement issues are for the SNT or Parks police to respond."

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