Saturday, 20 June 2009

Community Crime Fighters

Justice Seen - Justice Done. This is the new motto being driven forward by a new scheme championed by the "Ministry of Justice" . In a number of training sessions led by senior Police Officers, ASBO Officers and CPS - active community members learnt about the new policing pledge its contents, purpose and formation process. We also learnt how best to tackle antisocial behaviour and how to provide support to witnesses and link into the wider network of witness support. The aim of this event held on Friday 19th June 2009 and future training courses is to equip local community activists into becoming more knowledgeable, competent and confident when undertaking any role involving crime reduction and prevention. It was also a chance for the Justice system to recognise the commitment of members of local communities. I was invited to attend by two local sergeants as was Isla Martin from the Green Party, a reflection of our work with the Redbridge Neighbourhood Watch Association (RNWA -an overarching advice and guidance body set up to support local Neighbourhood Watches) and our own Local Watches. We both have achieved much through these watches resulting in this invite to the holistic London-wide meeting for only a selected 240 individuals. Our completion of the Course has resulted in our membership with the Community Crime Fighters Club which allows us access to a variety of training, best practice sharing and advice opportunities. We will be attending more training sessions and with other members of the RNWA who attended the course we shall cascade this information to other watches across Redbridge by designing our own training package. Please contact Isla or myself should you require further information.

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