Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Leon Greenman Memorial

A memorial to Leon Greenman is to be installed at the Holocaust Memorial Gardens in Valentines Park. Leon was a leading community figure promoting peace and unity to young people in the borough by speaking at various schools - as he shared his experiences of the tragedy of having to survive a holocaust. A Redbridge Hero we should all remember who suffered antagonism from fascists after the war and yet unstinting in his resolve to promote community cohesion.

As chairman of Redbridge Carnival Association I was pleased to be involved in a contribution towards this worthwhile scheme. I look forward to its eventual installation.

Learn more about Leon Greenman here.


  1. 'as he shared his experiences of the tragedy of surviving a holocaust'.

    Since when has surviving the holocaust become a tragedy?

  2. Touche! Please forgive the Faux pas - I have amended the script. Thank you for signposting my malapropism!