Tuesday, 23 June 2009

South Park Crises!

Residents surrounding south park are complaining about the Drug Dealing occurring in the park around 2am when there is purported drug dealing between young adults who climb into the park.

There are also a large number of joggers who are urinating in the bushes across the road from no.37. I have asked the Trees Section and Parks Manager to cut these bushes to a lower level to reduce the occurrence.

South Park School is leaving its lights on during the evening and residents are concerned about environmental waste. I have asked the School for a response

Residents are concerned about the lack of policing of the roads around the school where parents are parking in front of drives and on the Zig Zags. I know there was a policing priority to reduce this issue and a programme of scheduled visits. I have asked the Local sergenat to confirm this is on their list of priorities.

The gates at the corner of the park a little further from the school are being left open all night? I have asked the Parks Manager to confirm why this is occuring.

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