Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Redbridge Neighbourhood Watch Association

The Redbridge Neighbourhood Watch Association is an overarching support, guidance and learning organisation for all Neighbourhood Watches in Redbridge. Neighbourhood Watches are not automatically members and must indicate that they would like to join (please contact me if you would like to join). The group has been stagnant for a while, however I have recently been made Chairman and in partnership with the core Area Coordinators including Alex Bailey, Isla Martin, Simon Hampshire, Tippi Marravala and Irene Thompson, things seem to be moving at an extremely fast pace. We are just about to launch a new website which will be viewable from in the next few weeks. In time we hope to include contact details and links to website for all NHW's whilst assisting them with developing individual websites. We also hope to arrange a network page for all watch Coordinators.

In conjunction with Lisa Cherry Borough Watch Manager Alex Bailey and I have produced some funding applications (see picture taken today) that if successful, may allow us to distribute crime prevention devices to NHW's in Redbridge - whilst also increasing the number of networking and training meetings for Watch leaders (Coordinators) in the Borough. This would be a big leap for our organisation and a mammoth one for watches in the Borough. We would also hope to distribute stationary to support new and established watches. Watch this space.......

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