Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Squatters Fright! Caught unawares....

 Gloomily walking through the streets these women set off to find their next victims!
 Wilson Chowdhry with his loud Buskers Pa shouting "We are all watching you, you will not be allowed to continue your crime on our roads!"
 A 3 hour eventual eviction was extremely demanding!
 Police noted a lack of road tax on vehicles used by the squatters.
 Small children being groomed into a very insalubrious lifestyle - why were social services not present?  
 Over 10 beds were found and in excess of 30 people exited from the property.
 Their amassed furniture and luggage blocked the streets prohibiting normal use of pavement area.
Tragic image of a community that is at odds with societal norms and with a lower moral code.

On Monday 5th December 2011 Mayfield Ward Police, with the assistance of officers from Goodmayes and Seven Kings, removed the squatters from 22 Gordon Road.  In excess of 30 people exited the property and simply dumped their possessions on our streets while they awaited relocation to their next Fagan's Den.    This group who originate from Romania are a closely linked criminal group who originally moved from Littlemoor Road to Cavenham Gardens and have also entered several vacant properties on Green Lane.  

Each time they have introduced high levels of criminality and antisocial behaviour.  The group have been viewed attempting to remove items from unlocked vehicles, by checking car door handles.  They have on several occasions been seem stashing stolen items at the Gordon road premises and regularly rummaging through junk left on the forecourts of local houses.  

A number of calls form myself and other residents ensured that local police knew that this property had become a hive of illicit activity, placing high on their policing priority list.

Local residents met to discuss the problem at the Clementswood/Mayfield Community Centre on Thursday 1st December.  At which I informed them of the impending eviction of the 5th that would be facilitated by the local Police.  We all agreed to meet with the unfortunate son of the former resident to support him and give the group a stark warning that we would not allow a continuance of their crime on our streets.

The occupants awoke to a big surprise on Monday as they were asked to leave.  They seemed bewildered and unprepared.  Usually after a court eviction the court bailiffs can take up to 12 weeks to evict illegal occupants.  this whole process took less than 3 weeks, a local record I am told and that because of the very cooperative Mayfield ward Safer Neighbourhood Police.

I brought my mini PA so that they could be told that their criminal activity would be watched by our road and a number of residents took pictures of the felons so that thy could be easily recognised in future.  We warn residents that they must be vigilant, it has been noted by many that the woman with the pushchairs are acting like finders, seeking empty properties and forecourt waste to be searched for valuable items.

They are all equipped with mobile phones and can force open a door in seconds.  We know this as the vacated property was locked and my brother in law agreed to stay last night, to look after the property.  The property has only an external toilet which was not accessible due the need to secure the damaged rear door. As a consequence when my brother in-law left the property to use our toilet a group of 3 men who must have been waiting for the opportunity, broke back into the property.  They did not know my wife Juliet was watching the property and another resident.  Both went out to approach the men who ran off on being seen. 

They then loitered with another 3 men at the top of my street until I led a group of 4 residents to meet with them, as emergency police failed to arrive despite regular calls to 999.  We had not intended violence only to warn them that the Police were on their way.  The men left before we reached them and we all sighed a breath of relief.  

I checked the property for tresspassers with the same group of four and after checking it was in good order, (except the missing lock) I returned home.  My wife placed my brother in-law in one of our vehicles, from here he could monitor the property in relative safety (unlocked home was vulnerable).  No more incidents occurred during the night and I will assume the criminals now know our community is both vigilant and aware of their deeds.

We will be reporting the children out of schools and young lad in the pictures- who has been drinking on the streets while underage -to the local truancy officer and social services.

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