Friday, 23 December 2011

Police meeting on 22nd December 2011

 Two of the Clementswood Safer Neighbourhood Teams described the nature of crime locally.

At the end of the meeting my daughter Hannah recited a Christmas poetry - well she did insist!

Last night two officer from the local Police team spoke of crime in our community and preventative programmes.  This was our last meeting before Christmas and visitors were entertained by a Christmas poem, via my daughter Hannah at the end of the meeting.  Around 12 visitors described crime issues they were facing and a number of free crime prevention devices and leaflets were distributed. We have retained extra copies in the community centre, for those of you who could not make it to the meeting.  

Due to the sensitive nature of topics discussed residents did not want to be placed in images of the meeting.  Before I post the topics of discussion, I am required to have my article checked by the Police due to sensitivity and confidentiality issues.  I hope to post the details of the meeting sometime in the new year and to reproduce them in our next newsletter.


  1. All those empty seats in front of Hannah, poor dear.

  2. You should hear her sing the easiest way to clear a room...