Saturday, 24 December 2011

A resolution for peace in our borough during Britain's Olympic year!

Campaigners for peace will be setting a marker for peace during 2012, by remembering victims of violent crime in Redbridge on the first day of the year.

A 1 minutes silence to commemorate victims of fatal attacks in the borough will take place at 3pm at the Redbridge Peace Monument, Winston Way.  This will be followed by a lament played by a Scottish bagpiper,  A number of humanitarians including Anti-knife crime campaigner Parvin Mahmood, and Ann Oakes-Odger (MBE) will be in attendance.

Memorial plaques will be installed to commemorate the lives of Westley Odger and Kashif Mahmood and two descriptions of the purpose of the monument.  It is hope that young people will be moved by the written words and will divert from the type of behaviour that leads to violent crime.

The event will also an opportunity to launch a borough-wide painting competition, that will culminate in creative mosaic designs, focused on peace hope and unity and produced by local children and young people.  We intend to install the best designs to the base of the monument during next years "London Week of Peace"

Wilson Chowdhry said;

"We hope that our art competition will inspire young people to think about the world around them and how to make it a better place."


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  3. God bless you at Christmas Carol, it is great to hear from you. Why not join us at the plaque ceremony we could add you to the pictures too...

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