Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Peace in Redbridge an innovative way to achieve it....

Redbridge Peace Monument

A short description of the Redbridge Peace Monument installation and first large scale Peace concert in our borough.  The event was held on the 24th September 2011 the last day of the official "London Week of Peace." 

Redbridge Carnival, British Pakistani Christian Association and the East Ilford Business Partnership (who also funded the installation of the monument, organised and managed the Peace Concert.  Wilson Chowdhry the Chairman of two of these groups deserves credit for his efforts in seeing these two project to fruition. 

Superintendent John Sweeney spokes of the need for communities to work together to restore local peace and cohesion.
VIP Kids manager described an appeal to Simon Cowell for support for the anti-violence rappers

Ann Oakes-Odger MBE spoke of the pain she suffered when her son lost his life in a violent attack.
Hundreds Gathered in Ilford Town Centres biggest ever event..
Evolution Dholl kicked things of in style.
Desi Dholl - a must see in Ilford Town Centre
Ravi Benot a man holding another meeting in the Town Hall came out  to ask visitors to join his event too.  We must have had some impact!
Angel Dance Academy were inspiring...
Rani King PA to Baroness Newlove spoke on behalf of the Baroness and described hope that our endeavour would have success.
Mayor Chris Cummins, Cllr Balvider Saund  and various other dignitaries joined the unveiling of the monument.
Wilson  introduced speakers at the monument.
Mother of slain Kashif Mahmood- Parvin Mahmood was joined by Ann Oakes-Odger MBE in unveiling the monument.
The monument revealed in all its glory!
Designer Gary Drostle spoke of his inspiration for the design and the intrinsic symbolic messages of peace, hope and unity.
People were awestruck that a project with initial council disdain was able to succeed and produce a fitting tribute to victims of violent crime in Redbridge.
Families stopped to hear the testimonies.

Mayor Chris Cummins spoke of his pride that our community was so resilient.

Flowers at the base of the monument reminded us that a tragedy had occurred at the location.  Gandhi's words inspired us with hope.

A 1 minutes silence caused an emotional outpouring and deeper reflection.

It is hoped the monument will become a beacon of hope for all people in our borough illustrating the futility of knife crime and the severe consequences to perpetrators of violent crime.  Plaques are to be introduced to base of the monument that will contain eulogies to victims Kashif Mahmood and Wesley Odger.  This year a schools/local groups painting competition will result in  the conversion of young peoples art to mosaic designs for installation at the base of the monument.  We hope to see this work complete by the first anniversary of the monument installation. Families of victims have agreed to speak of the impact to their lives that the loss of a family member circumstances caused, it is hoped that local schools will contact us to facilitate such meetings. Wilson Chowdhry said:

Wilson Chowdhry said:

"Although, unintentionally the monument is shaped like a pencil- I hope it will be used like a pencil to write a more positive future for our borough"

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