Tuesday, 1 November 2011

King George is dead!

Wilson and Tony Parker submitting a petition to save King George Hospital last year.

The Redbridge Community will no doubt be in fury as they learn that local people have lost the campaign to save Accident and Emergency facilities and Maternity facilities at our much beloved hospital.

On Thursday last week Andrew Lansley accepted a report form the Independent Reconfiguration Panel (IRP) for it's closure, leaving local people anxious about the level of service that can be provided by Queens hospital, that is already burdened with a small and significantly burdened A&E.

The IRP reason for this huge loss revolves around a belief that reducing the burden of the maternity and A&E function, would allow our local PCT to address with more vigour other more important deficiencies.   I have always believed that local A&E was an essential service and felt that local mothers deserved a stress free treatment close in proximity.  This decision undermines the needs of a rapidly burgeoning community and bodes ill (excuse the pun) for the future quality of life and health care in the borough.

Upkar Rai (Mian Organiser), Cllr Ralph Scott, MEP Jean Lambert, Wilson Chowdhry (Main Organiser), various Doctors and religious leaders at the British Pakistani Christian and British Sikh Council community protest for King George Hospital in February 2011.

As leader of several of the local campaigns to retain local facilities I thank all those who supported our campaigns and would call on local people now to continue the drive to improve other languishing health care facilities.  Moreover, I am concerned this is only the first stage in a war of attrition that will eventually lead to an end to King George Hospital in it's entirety.  Please continue to be vigilant and prevent any further loss to our beleaguered community.

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If you would like to inform Andrew Lansley what you feel about his decision please use the following details:

Rt Hon Andrew Lansley CBE MP
Secretary of State for Health
House of Commons


  1. Please see the post on Barkingside 21 for the real picture from Save KGH campaign Headquarters.


    It ain't gonna happen ......Yet!

  2. That is appalling news. Well done on the campaign, tho.

  3. Hi Winston,
    Ilford is already over populated with babies being knocked out every minute of the day.
    I personally would have had a "birth cap" in this country years ago.

    Mass uncontrolled immigration (NOT sensible immigration) has caused more than enough problems and SOME are arriving just to have babies

    What next..street births?!!

    All the best Ian Levene

  4. Perhaps this blog should be named "Winston Way"?

  5. Dear Wilson

    I was told over 4/5 years ago that the decission had been made to close these departments by a friend of mine. He said then that most of the doctors etc. on the committee where from Queens or Whipps Cross so they were unlikly to close them ????. He could not understand like the rest of us why they were thinking of increasing Queens when they only lease the place and when that finnishes that hospital may close. Why they have not increased King Georges I do not understand when they own the land unless they are now going to sell the rest of the land off.

    Arthur Camfield

  6. Wilson

    Sorry to hear this devastating news but never say die.

    Campaigners in Chase Farm have not given up on their hospital or its services they are determined to continue the fight to save them including the option of occupation.
    Our campaign is in a worse situation as the last birth at the QEII hospital was totally unheralded on Tuesday 18th October 2011, but the QEII hospital is not dead yeat and neither are we.
    We are holding our next Public Meeting on Tuesday 8th November with John Lipetz of KONP and probably Bill Rogers from the Chase Farm campaign and we are seriously considering joining forces for mutual support and solidarity with activities coordinated to hopefully greater effect.

    So whatever you do NOT throw away all that hard work and support, Dacorum Hospital Action Group caved in and Hemel Hempstead lost its hospital's Maternity and A&E services, do NOT emulate that instead FIGHT ON. You have enormous support whatever you do to retain that step up the fight to another level.

    I've enclosed our latest campaign newsletters, nl-64 is a Chase Farm Hospital solidarity special.

    All the best