Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Borough Commander assures Redbridge People of protection and safeguarding, during the Wednesday 30th TUC Day of Action

Dear Business Colleague - The following information has been received from the Borough Commander with a request that this is forwarded to businesses in the borough. 
May I please ask that if you are able to, to please forward to businesses in your locality.  Thank you for your assistance.  
Kind regards

Bev Stratton, Town Centres & BIDs Manager
Planning Policy & Environment


Information regarding the TUC Day of Action.
Sent on Behalf of the Borough Commander, Det Chief Supt Sue Williams.

Redbridge Police would like you to be made aware in advance of Wednesday 30th November what we are doing to deal with the issues that may arise on this day due to the industrial action.

The MPS will have a proportionate and strong presence of Police and Community Support Officers across London on the day of the protest, including at places of potential vulnerability and transport hubs. Officers will continue to provide Londoners with a visible, accessible and familiar presence in their local communities in order to cut crime. Redbridge policing arrangements will see a large Community Police presence across the borough to reassure our residents that day to day business will continue as normal.
We are also aware that a number of schools on the borough will be closed due to industrial action. The MPS will facilitate peaceful protest on the day but we expect young people of school age to continue their education and to go to school as usual if their school is open. They should not try to travel in to central London or become involved in any protest during school hours. Their unauthorised absence from school will make them subject to truancy laws and police and education authorities may take appropriate action.

Here at Redbridge, we would ask that parents support this measure and do all that they can to ensure that their children go to school if possible. If their children's school is closed, then we would ask them to make appropriate arrangements to cater for their children's safety and supervision. We would also ask that parents know where their children are and what they are doing during the day so as to limit the opportunity for travelling to any central London protests or the possibility of committing anti social behaviour.  On the day itself, the MPS and Redbridge police aims are:

  • To provide a lawful and proportionate policing response to protest, balancing the needs and rights of protesters with those impacted by the protest

  • To maintain public order, to prevent crime and take all reasonable steps to intervene and bring offenders to justice if crime is committed

  • To work together with event organisers/participants and other agencies to minimise criminal activity and anti-social behaviour associated with the event

  • To prevent serious disruption to the life of the residential and business community and vehicular traffic

Throughout the day, we will endeavour to keep you updated. The MPS will be making greater use of social media than in previous public order events and locally we will be using the free electronic messaging system called Neighbourhood Link. This system will enable our community partners, the public and businesses to receive information from the MPS about local crime and policing and is to become the sole corporate external messaging system for the MPS in time for the final build up to the London Olympic and Paralympic Games.Neighbourhood Link is accessible via the following link:

Total Policing is the Met's commitment to be on the streets and in your communities to catch offenders, prevent crime and support victims. We are here for London, working with you to make our capital safer.

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