Monday, 28 February 2011

Images of our protest on 26th February 2011

In the wet pouring rain around 30 protesters made it to Hyde Park!

Guest Speaker Bob Archer (Redbridge NUT) gave a rousing address to warm up the brave and faithful warriors!

Cold and wet yet still enthralled by Dr Saible De's Speech on the ludicrous nature of the Equity and Excellence - Liberating the NHS Bill!

Derek Wall from the Green Party spoke next and again delivered a strong rallying call!

Cold and miserable as it was campaigners were ready for the fight!

Andy Burgin from Coalition of Resistance could not make the protest, but sent a very capable advocate in Bronywn. She advised us of the DAY X March to be held on the 9th March and another protest on the 16th March.

Small in number loud in voice and heart we trawled through Hyde Park calling for a repeal of the Bill.

Brollies out nothing could stop us!

People collected our leaflets and many learned for the first time about the dastardly government proposal.

Two doctors were in our protest and two joined midway.

Old and young (child in pushchair) represented in the protest.

Nothing was going to stop this determined lot!

Cars and vans honked their approval for our protest as we shouted out our slogans.

The rain persisted....

We made a decision to stop the protest early and to make our way to 10 Downing street for a rally and petition submission to make best use of our numbers.

We set up banner and handed our leaflets to any passerby

The scene outside 10 Downing street was a good one thanks to large banners.

After setting up we started shouting our slogans using the PA to great effect.

Kill the Bill, kill the Bill, it will make you very ill!

Bob Archer (NUT) explained what the protest was about.

Campaigners enjoyed each others company.

While Dr Saible spoke to the public we took a shot of our petition envelope with over 1000 signatures.

Wilson (event organiser), Brian Cross and Rajeshri Chouhan outside the gates of 10 Downing Street.

Wilson and Brian outside 10 Downing Street.

Knocking on the door to number 10 seeking an audience.

Petition successfully delivered!

Campaigners waited patiently for return of petition submitters!

A job well done!

Found some more images...

This one is good...

Cane in hand and standing proud!

The rain did not stop play!

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