Thursday, 21 April 2011

Crime is on the increase in Redbridge

Gang violence is increasing in Redbridge numerous incidents of knife related crime occurred last week.

The fact that Redbridge now has recognised gangs operating within the borough is a disappointing local demise. One gang in particular called the Afghan Gang are robbing young people around Ilford Library. People feel increasingly less confident when they walk in our streets that once seemed so safe.

Two young girls were robbed in Seven Kings park by six other girls and were forced to do press ups in an activity meant to cause embarrassment.

On Friday from 11pm young people attending a party on Breamore road, Seven Kings, left the event on a stabbing spree. The ensuing violence led five people being stabbed on Green Lane, Lynford Gardens, Nutfield Gardens, and Sunnyside Road - two of the victims had punctured lungs. The local police have asked me to provide video evidence form the recording equipment we have installed to see if they can identify suspects. The whole situation has created much community fear and a similar incident on the High Road illustrates that knife crime is a growing social malaise, that needs significant attention.

Burglary and theft have increased and the Police are involved in some practices we would have found bizarre only a few years ago. For instance, bus stops are now being watched early in the mornings as the metal from the frame is being removed and sold as scrap.

Shoplifting has increased ans is being blamed on the increasing level of redundancies and unemployment.

As a community we need to be more vigilant regarding crime and it is essential that we start to work with our local Police teams to provide them with the ability to effectively challenge criminals and reduce crime.

Crime intelligence allows local people to map high crime areas providing them with the ability to concentrate their resources to tackle crime prevention and reduction with a significant level of specificity.

Churches are being targeted for the lead from their roofs and Gurdwaras and Mosques have reported theft from pockets on coat hooks and removal of valuable shoes.

Please be aware of the increasing crime and seek advice form your local Safer Neighbourhood Teams.

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