Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Redbridge School's chorally the best!

The triumphant SS Peters and Paul's Infant School Choir (Hannah Chowdhry girl left of Trophy holder in white tights!)
The 125th Stratford and East London Music Festival Infant School Competition was hotly contested yesterday Afternoon.

3 Redbridge Schools took part in what were some delightful, well conducted singing productions:

  • Churchfields Junior School - Woodford
  • Gearies School - Gants Hill
  • SS Peter's and Paul's School - Ilford

This years two trophies were up for grabs and all 5 participating schools were gunning for them. In a close fought race however, SS Peters and Paul's School and Churchfield's emerged as the overall champions - with equal points set at 85 out of 100. Winning a trophy in this tournament is extremely difficult as the minimum standard is 84 points - a very high margin. So this excellent result deserves much credit as two Redbridge Schools, performing that well at a choral event evidences that Redbridge has talent!

My daughter was performing with SS Peter's and Paul's School and hence my bias with the photographs (coupled with permission rights). However, all the young performers put on an outstanding and dazzling performance.

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  1. Well done Hannah and the team. And congratulations to all the proud parents.