Friday, 21 May 2010

Wilson to the rescue!

Whilst our canvassing today Wilson noticed this bin was on fire. On closer inspection, Wilson noticed paper had been set alight and shoved into this Chadwell Heath Lane bin.
Whilst over onlookers and residents carried out about their business, oblivious to the fact that the noxious fumes were unhealthy to humans and the ecosphere, Wilson decided to put the fire out.  He rushed into the local convenience store and the storekeeper kindly filled a bucket of water.  Wilson duly poured this over the fore putting it out, salvaging the very bin he had worked hard to attain for the area.  Whilst also preserving our atmosphere from more pollution.

Wilson ensured the fire was completely stemmed before leaving.  The fire seemed intentional and is close in proximity to Chadwell Allotments, that was subjected to 7 arson attacks last year.  Someone must have seen who created this fire as the pictures were taken around 17:00 in broad daylight.  Many cars and people were travelling at the time. 

If you did see anything suspicious please inform us or your Chadwell Safer Neighbourhood Team.

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