Friday, 14 May 2010

Another Neighbourhood Watch

Gresham Drive NHW meeting 29th April 2010.
9 People in attendance. Police could not make it but have expressed interest in attending a follow up meeting.

Wilson introduced the Redbridge Neighbourhood Watch Association as a support and guidance body to all local NHW's. He advised residents that we had recently secured a grant of £10.000 and had used £1000 to contribute towards a more secure fence at Park Villa's to prevent the prevalence of antisocial behaviour in the area. He also advised that we were in the process of purchasing Crime Prevention devices that we would distribute to local residents. Wilson in formed the group that Isla and he had been responsible for the introduction of 19 new Neighbourhood Watches.

The meeting was opened up for people to speak about local issues.

A Neighbour complained that he does not see police officers patrolling regularly. Wilson advised that a Safer Neighbourhood Team was now in operation that consisted of a Sergeant, 2 Police Constables and 3 Police community Support Officers and that police visibility had increased significantly since the addition of these local teams. Wilson also commended the work of the local SNT's and most residents agreed that their was a better level of policing since the Safer Neighbourhood programme.

Residents complained about the safety of the alleyways on their streets. They were aware of antisocial behaviour in the alleyways and expressed concern that their homes were more vulnerable to burglary as a result of ease of access. Residents asked if gates could be implemented at the entrance to the alleyways. Wilson explained that he had attempted to gain a grant for that very purpose 3 years ago after a shooting incident. The application was denied by the existing Labour and Liberal Councillor at the time. Moreover, a few residents were opposed to the idea. Wilson had knocked on every door in the area to curry favour for the project. He would not be willing to do that again, however if residents wished to apply he would support the scheme and would provide advice on how to go about applying.

Residents informed the meeting of drug dealing and usage on all the roads and in particular the alleyways. Wilson queried whether Police had been informed and was advised that only a few occasions had the Police been advised. Wilson expressed the need to provide more comprehensive data to the Police to ensure that spotted crime could become a local policing priority.

Wilson expressed the need to call 999 for emergencies and 0300 123 1212 for local crime of a less urgent nature.

A local man raised concern regarding antisocial behaviour in Crucible Park and surrounding roads. Wilson explained that Redbridge Council operated a dedicated Antisocial Behaviour Team that has delegated local powers to tackle crimes of this nature. They have covert and overt CCTV vehicles and temporary lamp post affixable CCTV equipment that they can use to help with investigations and their team of investigators are experienced and competent. The ASBO team can also sanction Dispersal notices preventing young people conglomerating in one are at certain times or Acceptable Behaviour contracts with miscreant who persistently cause nuisance. Wilson also highlighted the fact we have a Parks Police Team in Redbridge that are responsible for crimes in the Park.

The Antisocial behaviour team Telephone number is 020 8478 4679.
The Parks Police telephone number is 020 8454 5986.

A resident complained about noisy neighbours (especially their dogs). Wilson advised that the antisocial behaviour Team also has sound equipment that can be left on permanently and starts recording when activated by loud noise. This can be used to prosecute noisy neighbours. They can enact a variety of noise abatement orders too for larger issues.

Wilson reminded local people that he had worked hard with the Chadwell SNT and the Redbridge Youth Service to introduce a Youth Bus Service to Chadwell. This is available to 11 – 19 year olds every Thursday on Millhaven Close. The bus has a variety of computer games, decks of cards, internet facility, DJ training sessions and much more available. Wilson is seeking funding to increase the level of service during the summer to a supervised sports park event, every Thursday. The detached Youth workers involved with the bus are very keen to introduce this to the area.

A resident wanted our local police to undertake a speed check on Gresham Drive. It was felt by all that, despite pinch points, traffic speed was still very fast.

Complaints were raised about parking to the fore of resident drives, despite drop down kerbs. Residents wanted to know what the Police could do about it. Wilson advised that Police would be willing to call owners if a vehicle was parked inside the drive and that vehicles could be towed away if a vehicle was needed in an emergency. Moreover, he reminded residents that a government statute had been implemented in Redbridge after a 7 man deputation to a full Council meeting [item 7] in 2004, led by Wilson. This meant that vehicles could receive a fixed penalty notice of £80 if parked in front of a drive.

The number to call for a mobile Parking enforcement officer is 020 8708 5211.

Residents spoke about parking congestion on their roads since the King George Hospital decision to charge for staff parking. Wilson agreed to challenge for the implementation of double yellow lines on all corners of local roads.

The proposed chairman that requested the NHW failed to attend. Wilson asked if any other person would be willing to take the role. All agreed to support the group if a chairman was found although no attendee could commit to the coordinator role. Wilson agreed to hold one more meeting and to approach the initial volunteer again.

The next meeting date is proposed for 15 July 2010

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  1. Thank you to Morris Hickey who reminded me my work on obtaining the mobile parking attendants completed in 2005.