Monday, 21 June 2010

Wheel Clampers charging extortionate prices!

Many residents have expressed concern at the extortionate rates charged by LBS Enforcement the wheel clampers commissioned to regulate parking on South Road. Complaints received include:

• Allegations that residents are being charged for a tow truck despite no vehicle being towed away -Residents are uniformly advised that the tow truck has already been called and hence the additional charge is thrust upon them.

• 9 properties on Chadwell Heath Lane have an alleyway to the rear of their properties that can only be accessed via South Road. They have access rights as per their local property deeds.

• The wheel clampers are allegedly intentionally blocking vehicles in the road when they see a driver in the vehicle, so that they can apply a clamp.

With respect to your complaints we have contacted the Security Industry Authority the regulatory body responsible for Wheel clampers they have provided the following advice:

"Wilson, The current role of the SIA in this is quite narrow and does not cover e.g. behaviour of operatives or level of fees. We do require individuals to hold an SIA licence and there are conditions attached to the licence – in brief;

For Vehicle Immobilisers

In addition to holding a valid SIA licence, vehicle immobilisers must observe the following requirements:

A vehicle must not be clamped / blocked / towed if:

• a valid disabled badge is displayed on the vehicle.
• it is a marked emergency service vehicle which is in use as such.

Any licence holder who collects a release fee must provide a receipt, which must include the following:

• the location where the vehicle was clamped or towed.
• their own name and signature
• their licence number.
• the date.

Any failure to meet these conditions should be reported to the SIA through our website. If the company is an approved contractor then we can consider other sanctions but I assume that this is not the case.

New legislation was passed just before the general election which, in due course, can allow the SIA to licence vehicle immobiliser businesses and impose new conditions that could include scale of fees etc. However, this is still more than a year off. In the meantime Trading Standards may be able to help.”

Your Chadwell Green Team has produced an electronic petition for all residents of Redbridge to sign, that highlights these concerns and asks the SIA for a review of existing regulation. Please sign it by viewing:

A call has been made to Grove Primary and we have asked that they repeat warnings in their school newsletter in future editions. They have agreed to do so for the foreseeable future.

We have also spoken to South Road residents and held a meeting with them. They are not willing to change the existing wheel clamping company as they believe that the company has been very effective in reducing their local parking burden. They have agreed to allow the 9 affected residents of Chadwell Heath Lane - with an alleyway to the rear of their properties accessed via South Road - the opportunity to unload and load their vehicle with deliveries to and from the rear of the properties. This will not allow permanent parking but will facilitate the access required under the property entitlement deeds.

“The right to drive their cattle, sheep or oxcart for access”

I can confirm that the South Road holds un-adopted status and as such is a private road. Hence the residents are well within their rights to sanction wheel clampers. I can also confirm that the residents do not earn a penny from the clampers and that they mean no malice to local residents. Please refrain from parking on South Road and find alternative locations to park your vehicles.

Meanwhile, your ridiculous Local Labour Councillors are seeking to install larger signs indicating the road is Private despite the fact that Highways Officers do not believe this will have any affect.

More money down the pan much like the ridiculous by-election that is costing tax payers in excess of £20,000!

Moreover, the request to the highways for the new sign to inform local residents that they will be charged for unauthorised parking is not permissible under law???!!  Besides it would result in a huge influx of unnecessary calls to the Highways Team, who will not be responsible for wheel clamping.

Some mothers do have them!

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  1. Adopt the road, add nine resident permit parking holders only spaces and have the council enforcers issue tickets to unauthorised parkers. That will provide a revenue stream to pay for the by-election and see the back of the LBS bullyboys.