Friday, 26 February 2010

Wot no Wilson!!!! - Where was he!!

Addressing protesters outside Redbridge Town Hall
Some say I don't need a megaphone.

Others say I am rarely seen without one!

Amongst the amassed protesters - rallying all behind our unified cause.

Leading protesters in song, chant and slogans!
Just because I did not feature in the Ilford Recorder's write up on the King George protest, some residents have been querying my attendance. Until now I have not had the pictures to evidence I was there. These images were provided by our auspicious Ilford Recorder - The last picture with me holding my megaphone, was featured in their centre page spread on the 18th February.
The event was a great success and I have officially been told by the Redbridge Police Events Team, that in excess of 170 people attended. Many of you will be aware that I have been very fervent in my work against the diabolical plans to attritionally reduce facilities at King George Hospital. Moreover, My petition was mentioned in the Yellow Advertiser report on this protest, it has been growing since my initial two protests and this one. An electronic version of my petition even had an article dedicated to its success in the Ilford Recorder.
My work in our borough is being recognised. Leader of the Council Keith Prince, invited me to speak, in his introduction reflecting on my early work to highlight the issue of the plight of our local hospital. I was one of few speakers that mainly included MP's and Councillors and was grateful for an opportunity to raise my disgust at the diabolical and nonsensical proposals created by Redbridge PCT.
To me the proposals seem like an opportunity to retain inappropriate salaries, for senior level cronies, of the existing Chief Executive Heather O'Meara. Whilst, reducing the quality and availability of much needed services to a community growing at an alarming rate, with a poor level of health service already ineffectually rationed.


  1. Oh, it's a megaphone!?!
    I thought it was a hairdryer due to all the hot air coming out of it....

  2. Shouldn't that be "hairdy hair"?