Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Save Our Streets!

I was invited to the News of the World road show at which the London street crime was discussed and debated by leading Police, Doctors, victims and their families, MP's and the general public.

The event proved to be very polarised and people came with serious concerns, hoping that their input might effect some change to the diabolical nature of existing street culture and poor community quality of life.

TV Actress Linda Robson (formerly with Birds of a Feather) spoke openly about her son's traumatic experince, being the last person to cradle Ben Kinsella as he died. Linda has stated that if she is not booked, she would be willing to talk on the futility of knife crime at our Redbridge Carnival event on the 5th and 6th September 2009.
At the event I spoke about the Redbridge Peace Monument project I am championing, to commemorate the victims of violent crime in Redbridge while providing a poignant reminder of the consequences of knife and gun use. I also spoke to press officers afterwards and stated that I beleive that the MP's Victims and their families and leading police and doctors involved in the aftermath of such crime should be funded to speak to young children within our schools, as an early intervention measure. In tandem thay should also be encouraged to talk to the perpetrators of such crime, ian an effort to open their minds to the real hurt and pain their actions have caused. Having spoken to the 3 mothers who have lost teenagers to knife crime in Redbridge, I am well aware of the impact their words can have.

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