Friday, 2 May 2014

Police action on Ilford Lane pushes prostitution into other areas!

Cheap adverts like these awful stickers are becoming more commonplace around the borough as Police efforts to remove prostitution form Ilford Lane, result in a new wave of brothels across Ilford.  

The problem has been reported to Police since our Distraction Theft Police meeting held in February.  Yet adverts of this type seem to be proliferating and rather brazen women have recently took to the streets and tried to thrust their "business cards," into the hands of unsuspecting single men, innocently travelling along public walkways.  

Concerns about a particular brothel currently being run from Gordon Road (door number known), has meant that these stickers now appear on every lamp post on Gordon Road and Green Lane.  Moreover one of the neighbours who has three daughters, is concerned at the huge amount of footfall into the property throughout the day and night, and the quite considerable antisocial behaviour it has attracted.  

Our Local ASB Team has been informed of serious noise levels emanating from the property - not related to the business activity - I must add.  However, our Local Neighbourhood Police Team have had to stop their work on this social malaise, due to a special police operation that is underway.  

PCSO Heidi of Mayfield SNT updated us on the matter;

I tried calling but... In regards to XXXXXXXX. We are aware however, as previously explained Its being looked in to but with specialist units. I cant reveal to much but its being looked in to.

All of the above means that residents are going to have to bear with the problem for a while longer, while investigations take place.  I have been told the stickers I have sent photographs of,  have been used to identify the venue for the illicit activity and that Police have confirmed that the address is suspected for other criminal activity also, including drug trafficking. 

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