Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Local children learn tolerance through art

Children from Clementswood Ward, Ilford, gathered at the location of their new art creation at Loxford Park.

A new art board created to highlight the benefits of peace was installed to the railings of Loxford Park yesterday (29.04.14).  The East Ilford Betterment Partnership challenged local children to design a piece of art that would highlight the pain and suffering that war can bring, while reflecting on how peacetime can generate great hope.

Local children from Clementswood Ward learnt about the severe loss of life during World War 1 at a series of art workshops in February.  Talks via members of the local TA centre and other local community leaders highlighted the futility of hatred and the need for tolerance. Children contemplated on how the world had changed over the last 100 years and created individual 3D poppies, that were showcased at Redbridge Central Libraries exhibition foyer (1st floor), from February to March.  The art workshops which were funded by London Community Foundation were held at Clementswood Community centre and were led by local artist Matt Ryan AKA MYCO.

Mr Ryan said;

"Children developed significant art skills and each participant created one of the poppies in the two zeros within the image.  The idea behind the design was a concept the children developed collaboratively and expressed a perception of new life and hope, that change over time has fostered."

Sania Satwat Chair of the EIBP said;

"Millions lost their lives during World War 1, which in all honesty had little purpose and benefited no-one. We hope the lessons children learnt about the value of life and the need to be more accepting, will make future society a better place to live."  

She added;

"The art board displayed at Loxford Park will be a reminder to people of all generations and diversities, that we must all be prepared to make the changes we feel are necessary for a fairer world."

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