Thursday, 13 March 2014

World War 1 remembered by children of Redbridge 100 years on!

Children donned their spray masks after a series of talks on World War one and lessons in spray art.

Excited children prepared to undertake the spray art work.

Safety first! Gloves and masks were worn by all participants.

Matt Ryan sprayed a backrond with fields and a few flowers.

He reminded children of how to use the spray cans safely.

Caps were placed on the spray cans to make ready for use.

Children asked some last questions before starting.

The first children took up the challenge.

Help was provided where necessary.

Matt corrected any blatent mistakes.

Spraying took place outside for safety.

Others waited inside for their turn.

Children waited eagerly for their turn.

A one week intensive classrooon session involving historical talks and art designing led to the final design for the board.

This is the background that Matt prepared for children.

Children celebrated the culmination of their work.

Children of different diversities shared fun together.

Boys picked each other up and helped each other all day.  The girls too!

A child corrected her ideas for the main mural on the A406.

A child showed off the design of her tag.

The board remembered World War 1 - one hundred years on.

Children felt that the poppy wreathes highlighted the futility of war.

A simple design with a strong message.

The background again.

"ready to go!" This young one said.

All the children got on really well with one another.

I am not messing with this one!

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