Monday, 24 March 2014

Report on Connaught Mews.

Rubbish piles up above and around the community bins. This sight three days before street collection by which time the situation will be much worse and will include local fly-tip.

The silver bin was purchased by the EIBP from from Redbridge Council.  It was meant to be used by residents of the flats using the alleyway, but serves a much wider number of users, unfortunately. We had intended to reduce black bag mess.

This peace mural was designed by local children and painted on the walls of Clementswood Community Centre at the opening of Connaught Mews alleyway.  The work was commissioned and co-ordinated by the EIBP.

The gates to the alleyway were installed by the EIBP in 2007 (then called East Ilford Business Partnership).  They have been vandalised and now no longer lock.  

The Lamp Post was installed in 2004 after a long campaign by the EIBP.  One of our first achievements.


The local mosque has a rear entry accessed via the opening to the alleyway.  They assist EIBP with occasional clearances of the area. 

We have no idea what these pillars are for?

A small area of litter despite a community clear up on Friday.

Some sand and broken glass has been left in the alleyway.

Broken glass is a common theme.

During a street clean we placed these bits of card together so we can place them by the recycling bins by Thursday.

Graffiti covers the wall at the rear of  the alleyway.  A place for drug dealing and usage.

More graffiti.

Even more.

We had cleared the fly-tip on Friday but it has already returned.  We hope a more regular monthly or eventual weekly clearance will deter perpetrators simply as our presence will be felt.

More litter.

More graffiti

Yes even more graffiti.

We hope to remove this litter and to stop the increase of local pests, including rats which are commonly seen.

In 2009 we successfully challenged the council to introduce these recycling bins.  They include a in bin for paper, mixed glass and plastics.

A zoom into the plaque for the gates we installed.  We are now called the East Ilford Betterment Partnership, after numbers of residents started to exceed the number of Businesses memberships in our group.  The original group was initiated by Redbridge council who desired a group to link, businesses and residents to statutory and non-statutory services.

In 2011 our challenge to Redbridge Council for the extension of the Controlled Drinking zone to include various hotspots across the borough and no just the town centre, was successful.  Backing from the Police helped and we also secured several Alcohol Free Zone signs including this one just outside our alleyway.

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