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Following the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby outside the Royal Artillery barracks in Woolwich on 22nd May, faith leaders will return to the crime site to remember fallen local hero. Speakers include representatives from all major faiths who, with one voice, stand united against hate-crimes perpetrated in the name of religion. The service will take place between 3pm to 6pm on Sunday June 16th at Woolwich Central Baptist Church, Simmonds Road, off Sandy Hill Road, London, SE18 6UX.  A wreath will also be placed at the site of Drummer Lee Rigby's attack.  

A collection will be taken towards the installation of a Peace Monument designed by Mosaic Artist Gary Drostle who was brought up in Woolwich.  Gary is responsible for the Redbridge Peace Monument commemorating the death of three victims of Teen knife crime.

Event organiser, President of the British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA), Wilson Chowdhry, says : 

“When news broke the other week of the barbaric brutal murder of an off-duty soldier in broad daylight on a busy London street I shuddered.  Although, sad to say, the BPCA has become accustomed to similar stories of cowardly assassinations in Pakistan I never for one moment ever expected to hear of such atrocities happening so close to home here on the streets of London. The BPCA has been relentless in speaking out in the UK against the aggressive and violent forces of radical extremists when these erupt overseas. It seems only appropriate that we and progressive humanitarians of all diversities redouble our efforts to do so in the light of recent domestic events.”   

Ranbir Singh of the Hindu Human Rights Group (HHR) said : 

“HHR urges all communities to work together in order to defeat intolerance and extremism from wherever it raises its ugly head and which threatens to tear apart those very democratic values which we hold so dear, as well as the liberty which we take for granted. We encourage all peoples of all races and all religions to join us on 16th in the spirit of solidarity, to stand together in the name of peace. The individual tears we shed in remembrance of Drummer Lee Rigby will water the seed of hope for a world where hatred and violence has no place.”

Hal St John, from Woolwich band ooberfuse, who will be leading the music on the 16th with a lament mourning the loss of local hero Drummer Lee Rigby says : 

“I am still numb with shock at the ferociousness of the attack. I was inspired by the cub scout pack leader, Ingrid Loyau -Kennett, dubbed the ‘angel of Woolwich,’ because she confronted one of the men at the murder site. She told the attacker, who was still clutching a bloodied knife,  that he would never win the war he was hoping to start in is only him and his accomplice against the majority of peace-loving citizens. Our song Keep Calm )  appeals for peace in the face of aggravated deep-seated emotions that cry out for justice. Remaining calm is the best way to challenge the ‘poisonous narrative of extremism’ that feeds these grotesque acts of violence.”

Also performimg is Davina Hall a breast cancer survivor closely involved with Cancer Research in promoting events and who recently shared her story in the press alongside Angelia Jolie, as she is too a Brca 1 carrier and underwent a double mastectomy last year, she said;

"life is very precious, it should never be taken for granted and after my experience with my health I appreciate life even more so now than ever. What happened to Lee Rigby was devastating, an innocent life being snatched away from this young soldier, my thoughts are with his family and friends! We should all unite in this tragedy and grab any opportunity or experience with both hands as Lee and many others don't have the luxury of life anymore, those that have need to value every second"

Guest speakers include;

Rev Dr Darrell Hannah - All Saints, Ascot (expert on the early church).
Jas Uppal - Free Sarabjit Singh Campaign.
Ronnie Bindra - Baha’i community of Greenwich
Usama Hasan - Senior Researcher Islamic Studies,  Quilliam Foundation.
Samina Rehmat - Urdu Poet and columnist for the "Jang" and "UK Times"(Muslim)
Ranbir Singh - Hindu Human Rights Group
Dr Martin Stern - Nazi Holocaust Survivor and former Medical student at Peshawar University.
Upkar Rai - British Sikh Council.
Kazim Hafeez - Ex Muslim extremist and pro-Israel advocate.
Muyiwa Olarewaju - Station Director Premier Gospel, Presenter Worship Tonight, Gospel Tonight.
Pastor Tokunbo Bankole - RCCG City Of David Church, Woolwich.
Danny O'Brien - Anti-knife UK

Performances from:

·         Ooberfuse Woolwich based Electropop band
·         Davina Hall – Breast Cancer Survivor
·      Desired Effect - featuring Dav Singh radio presenter for Luv Asia and featured artist on BBC Asia Network
.    The Angels Choir - RCCG City of David Church, Woolwich.

For more information please contact Wilson Chowdhry on 020 8514 0861 e: .

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