Thursday, 30 May 2013

Love has no colour

Clementswood SNT spoke of the hope they could provide to lost or hurt children.

The East Ilford Betterment Partnership held a series of spray art workshops during the may half term holidays (27th - 31st May 2013). 

The workshops with a theme of faith, hope and unity; involved primary school children in morning sessions from 09:00 - 13:00 and  young people (12- 17) in afternoon sessions from 13:00 - 17:00.   Some youths were supervised via the "Redbridge Youth Offending and Targeted Prevention Service" in a mixed class without stigma. 

Participants were taught the modern art form of spray art via tutor Matt Ryan AKA MYCO.  During their sessions they contributed to the art concepts for a peace mural that will be spray painted on the walls of the Clementswood Community Centre, 14a Connaught Road.  Several additional pieces of art on MDF board and canvass will also be displayed at local parks and public buildings.

To inspire positive themes within produced art pieces, talks on community cohesion and peace were given by Clementswood Safer Neighbourhood Police Team, Pastor Bryon Jones of Eden Christian Centre, Ranbir Singh Hindu Human Rights Group and Mr Khalid from Albayan Welfare Centre (Green Lane Mosque).  Guest speakers provided inspiration forr images to be incorporated into the Peace mural.

A display of some of the work will be visible in Ilford Central Library from May to September 2013.

 Sania Satwat Chairperson for the EIBP, said:

"Our project used modern spray art form as an innovative trigger to build community cohesion amongst a range of children and young people of different backgrounds.  Many of the participants would never have met each other outside the course, but gelled well as a team, producing some wonderful works of art."  

she added;

"Art has always been intrinsic to cultural and political reform. We hope the myriad colours and cultural themes within the final mural will be a beacon of hope for this generation and the next."

Children listened attentively to the local police team.

Eager children posed some really tough questions even referring to the recent attack in Woolwich.

Police advised children to use 999 service if lost or to ask for help in larger stores in Ilford Town Centre.  They advised that their is a permanent team based in the town centre to assist. 

Local Police were warmly thanked for their time and effort.

Children worked hard during the four day course, producing "tags" (artistically written nick name)

A mixed bunch of children from the local area with diverse faiths and school backgrounds, participated in the workshops

Matt Ryan provided one-to-one tutoring where necessary.

Each child produced their own Tag.

Designs were very impressive.

Children worked alone and as part of a team.

The varying designs signified personal individuality.

Powerful colours blended together to make wonderful art pieces.

Children were taught perspective, 3 D writing and how to bubble their writing.

Children worked all week on creating their favourite designs.

Bright colours were used to evoke emotions through writing.

Four faiths were represented at the workshops.

Children were eager to use spray paint.

However first they had to plan their mural and board designs.

Pastor Bryon Jones (Eden Christian Centre) arrived to provide some inspiration.  He spoke on the Christian concept of peace, hope and unity.

Pastor Bryon showed children the words for a song called "Love has no colour" and got the class to sing with him.

Children were eager to participate.

Pastor Bryon showed images from the Christian faith that represent Peace, Hope and Unity.

Children started drawing images reflecting what they had learnt from the session.

Children were really inspired.

The children thanked Pastor Bryon for his time.

They shared a moment of joy together.

Their artwork from the first three days was displayed with pride.

Spray cans were used for the first time.

Cardboard was used as a practice canvass.

First children were shown how to draw straight lines.

Vertical lines.

Then horizontal lines.

Masks had to be worn and spray can had to be checked, so they were facing forward.

The children found this exercise very exciting.

A gazebo was set up in Connaught Mews so that this outdoor activity could take place out of the rain.

Despite poor weather the session was enjoyable and safe.

Much due to very well behaved children.

Different colours were provided so children could use a range.

We were then joined by Mozzam (Prayer Caller) Bilal from Green Lane Mosque.

He shared peace concepts from Islam.

Children listened attentively.

Children questioned him eagerly and participated well.

He gave a tour of the mosque behind our centre.

He handed calendars and books on Islam to the Children.

Children had some snacks provided by us each lunchtime.

Eating together created great unity and interesting conversations.

Crisps were a firm favourite.

Children sprayed one large board for a local park that simply said "Love."  As a gift to teh participants Matt sprayed their tags on T shirts.

The board will displayed around local parks.

Parents joined the final session to watch some "art in action."

Children showed some real delight in having their Tags printed on T shirts.

All participants received a bag of sweets and a certificate at the end of the course.

The celebratory mood was very evident.

Love really was all around.

Families spoke of how wonderful the sessions had been for the Children.

More T shirts were printed.

Families stayed on to enjoy some conversation.

Volunteers were duly thanked by parents.

Children showed off their new designer Tshirts.

Didn't they look great?

We could not show images of the Young people sessions as Redbridge YOTPS required special permission, which could not be obtained in time.  However, the Team Managers joined Matt Ryan and Mozzam Bilal for a photo, with the additional boards produced by young people.

Errol from the YOTPS Team completed a very positive end of session survey. He described how participants although very difficult in the first sessions, became very enthusiastic and grateful by the end.

Matt started work on the Mural design using concepts devised by children and young people.

The Mural will be complete by next Thursday (13th June 2013).  Why not come by and view it?

  Redbridge Parks service should have the boards up on local parks for 3 months in the next few weeks.  Look out for them!

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