Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Yet another stabbing in our local area - residents demand meeting with Police

The EIBP has received several further requests for a knife crime meeting after a fourth stabbing occurred in our area within 3 months.  This time the incident which occurred on Tuesday around 6pm took place on Philpott Path the off road pavement area behind Winston Way Primary School.  The incident was not a fatal attack.

Local residents at our previous meeting requested Panic alarms and I have spoken to Mayfield SNT who have said they will look into holding a joint Clementswood/Mayfield SNT public reassurance meeting at our community centre.  They will be bringing some free crime prevention paraphernalia including panic alarms.

Mayfield SNT and Clementswood SNT have increased local patrols to ensure residents see a visible display of policing and hope this will deter local crime.  Gang culture in our local area is increasing and we call on parents to be more vigilant in preventing their young ones being drawn into this pervading social malaise.

We will publish details of a date as soon as we are informed and will letter drop the area.

Free crime prevention devices including panic alarms will be distributed in Ilford Town Centre tomorrow.  Police will be setting up their stall form 12pm.

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