Friday, 2 November 2012

Redbridge against NHS Privatisation call for safeguards in CCG Constitution.

Members of RANP ready to challenge for retention of NHS services!

Last night (1st November 2012) a group of concerned residents across the Borough met at Clementswood Community Centre, Connaught Road, Ilford, to discuss the threat of privatization of our local NHS.

The government's changes to the NHS have put responsibility for spending NHS money and deciding what your health service looks like in the hands of groups of local doctors.  These groups are called "Clinical Commisioning Groups" (CCGs)

Our meeting was held in response to a 38 Degrees led campaign to introduce safeguards within the constitutions of emerging CCG's and to raise a collective voice against the breaking and privatisation of our NHS services.

Visitors agreed our group should be called "Redbridge Against NHS Privatisation" (RANP)  and agreed a forward strategy which will include promoting the 38 degrees campaign locally, creating a petition for the introduction of safeguards (for which access to free legal support will be met by 38 Degrees), and co-ordinating a meeting with the CCG to persuade them to adopt the safeguards.

Already as a consequence of this campaign safeguards have been introduced to the CCG in Hackney and we hope that Redbridge CCG will follow suit.

Please sign our petition below:

Don't be confused by smiles these residents mean business!

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