Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Redbridge Peace Event 22nd September 2012

Children of all diversities playing together joyfully

A community barbecue welcomed people.

Exciting rides was a new addition to our events at the Prince of Wales.

Children from across the Borough learned played in  unity.

Redbridge's London Week of Peace event was well received by local people, many of whom stayed for hours.  The event which was put on by the BPCA and supported by the EIBP brought together people of wide diversities in an atmosphere of unity and joy.   

What was particularly rewarding about this event was the huge number of volunteers for a small event.  A team of 26 made this event an easy one to co-ordinate.  We also forged stronger links with the newest migrant community from Romania.  Ilford's Romany people seem to enjoy our events and we are using these dates to help them integrate better with the long standing locals.  

Sania Satwat Chair of the EIBP said;

"It was great to be part of a local community event that brought so many nationalities together.  Local schools distributed our leaflets internally making it an event that was packed with young children and families.  This is exactly the target audience we wanted to reach."

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