Monday, 15 October 2012

Mammoth Day Redbridge 2012

Image of Mammoth Plaque

The East Ilford Betterment Partnership will be holding a family fun day on Ilford Lane to celebrate the Installation of a new plaque commemorating the huge archaeological mammoth remains found in Ilford, during excavations in the 1850's.

Event Details:

Date:                                              Saturday 10th November 2012
Time:                                             12:00 - 18:00
Location:                                        Car Park of Ilford Methodist Church corner of Britannia Road and                                                                             
                                                       Ilford Lane.  
Activities:                                        Unveiling of Mammoth plaque, musical and dance entertainment, free                                                      barbecue,  face-painting, henna tattoos, Nail art, Recycling stall, plant growing, drawing and games for Children.                                   
Senior guest speakers at our event include:
  • Professor Adrian Lister - Paleontological department at the Natural History Museum London - World expert on Mammoths.
  • William George - Former Professional Archivist and Geologist - Member of GeoEssex
  • Terry Quirk a retired university lecture and leader of "Ilford Mammoth Project
Our thanks to contributors to the design and text for the monument including
  • Peter Collins - Member of London GeoDiversity Partnership
  • Ian Dowling - Local Historian for Ilford Central Library
  • Natural History Museum Pictures Department and Paleontology Department

Mammoth bones are currently being displayed in Ilford Central Library and the Paleontological history of our town, is most noted for the only complete Mammoth Skull and largest deposits of Mammoth remains ever found in Britain.

The complete skull is still one of the highlights of the various exhibitions in the Natural History Museum London and is termed "Ilford Mammoth"

A former plaque that had been installed during the Festival of Britain was stolen in January and we installed a temporary plastic version during the Olympic Torch Relay, before a crowd of over 400 people.

Our community fun day with include a free barbecue and music day, at which we invite you to come and get your free "Mammoth Burgers".  There will also be some face-painting, Nail art and Henna painting activities which be charged for - all proceeds go to the victims of recent Pakistani floods.  Redbrideg School of Gymnastics will perform some floor routines and will attempt to form up in the shape of a mammoth - well worth the watching...

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