Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Police meeting to discuss recent shooting at Krystals and regular drunken crime on Green Lane!

Our local safer Neighbourhood Police team for Clementswood Ward have agreed to hold a meeting at our community centre on Tuesday 20th March from 19:00.

The meeting will tackle the following topics:

  • How to apply for an extension of the no-drinking zone along Green Lane.
  • The recent gun attack Outside Krystals
  • General crime in the area 
The team will be bringing leaflets on how to prevent crime in our area in particular burglary and theft which is increasing daily.

Whilst on Green lane last month my brother was attacked by a group of homeless thugs after he asked them to stop kicking the front door of the shop in which he was working.  He ran to my home and they started to shout at both of us until I let them know I was calling the Police.  By the time the response team arrived they had disappeared.

The shooting outside Krystals left a man seriously wounded and is the second shooting incident from that same venue in the space of two years.  The management have been labelled incompetent by both the police and the local council and hopefully the license for the venue is to be revoked more permanently under the existing owners.

Unsavoury violent incidents like these reduce local morale and induce fear and anxiety.  Together we can work towards making the streets safer by reporting incident via the correct route in a more timely fashion.  Clementswood SNT will advise on how best to do this.

If you are aware of any squatters or crime incidents of any nature, please do bring your comments with you to the meeting.

We will be serving hot samosas and light beverages.

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