Thursday, 15 March 2012

Police discuss local crime in Clementswood.

Residents stayed back to discuss private concerns.

A successful police meeting was held at our community centre 15th March 2012. Local people came to discuss the recent shooting at Krystals Banqueting and the ongoing problem of antisocial drunkenness along Green Lane.

Clementswood Police described how to extend the existing borough "No Drinking Zone" (NDZ) across areas of Green Lane.  They explained that local residents will be required to call their number on 020 8721 2027 so that a dossier of incidents could be developed and the issue raised at a local area committee.  Any urination, verbal or physical abuse should be reported to 999 or 101 depending on the assumed level of priority that victims perceive for the crime.  However Clementswood Police have indicated that they would appreciate a call to their service line too, so that they can build their dossier to assist with a potential extension to the NDZ...

Extensions have already been implemented in other areas so potential for success exists.

Councillor backing would need to be sought and our Chairman Wilson Chowdhry has agreed to challenge those councillors representing our area at the next Area 6 Committee Meeting.

Good news was shared that burglaries in the borough have significantly reduced in comparison to last year. It is believed this is due to the high level of visible policing and covert burglary patrol vehicle operation that has targeted such crime.   Thefts from the town centre have also reduced.

The homeless people in Ilford Town Centre were again an hot topic.  Police confirmed that a number of arrests have taken place and that often alcoholic beverages have been confiscated and disposed with.   Urination, abuse and antisocial behaviour have been highlighted and the Police are continuing to work with homeless agencies and other partners in trying to reduce the concern.

The police could not elaborate too much on the shooting at Krystals, due to an ongoing investigation.  They informed us that no arrest had been made by this stage.  The shooting took place within the confines of the licensed premises, raising issues of security and the licence for the venue was revoked for the time being.

Prostitution along Ilford Lane was being targeted and over 40 arrests had been made on the women soliciting for sex.  An exclusion zone has also been introduced to the area preventing large groups of over 5 people accumulating on the street at any time in an attempt to reduce antisocial behaviour and prostitution.  Ilford Lane is one of the new additions to the NDZ.

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