Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Miracle prevents fatalities at collapsed Ilford Church construction site

 The potentially unstable crane deemed serious hazard!

 Fire engines and other rescue services on standby to save potential casualties.

 The mangled infrastructure illustrates the lucky escape.

 Rescue teams awaiting directions- limited information from thermal imaging delayed active response.

The residual infrastructure looks ready for another cave in.

It's a miracle that no-one was seriously hurt!

A five storey church infrastructure build collapsed at 16:30pm today, and miraculously killed no-one.  Around 20 construction workers were still on site and yet none of them suffered major injury.

Firemen and other rescue crew where unable to scour the site for any casualties due to the perceived danger of the site.  Around 30 fire, police and ambulance vehicles still waited along Clements Road, and Winston Way, seeking the go-ahead for a survey of the wrecked construct at around 7pm.

The reason for the collapse has not yet been established but this near miss posed a real threat to local people. Police and fire crew worked together in partnership setting up a safety cordon of around 500m diameter around the site, concerned that the large lifting crane could be unstable.

The building site belongs to City Gates Church a large charismatic Christian group, who intend to build a 5 storey complex, including a large 1000 seater auditorium to serve their larger than normal congregation.   Other rooms would include various meeting rooms and community projects.  The construction project was headed up by Ashe Construction.

Images from the scene of the collapse indicate how close, workers and the public, were to a potentialy fatal incident.

Thick steel girders have been twisted and bent out shape, the concrete floors have been deemed to dangerous for inspection- even obscuring any tangible thermal observation via helicopter.  Fortunately an Evening Standard reporter informed Wilson, that by 8pm it had been established that no serious harm had befallen anyone.  A passing women is said to have exhibited serious symptoms of shock.  Wilson Chowdhry said;

"Being a Christian I am compelled to believe that God had a hand in preventing any loss of life, simply because with the complete collapse of the structure, a more inimical catastrophe should have occurred."  


  1. Third Wise Person1 February 2012 at 04:10

    Have you still got the Myrrh I left you when you were born? I want it back!

  2. Just ignore the detractors Wilson you are doing a brilliant job for our community. It is such a shame this has happened I am a Muslim but am aware of the brilliant work City Gates and High Road Baptist Church have been doing for the local community.

  3. I think you will find that the Three Wise Persons who visited on the day Wilson was born were from the Star of Persia takeaway in East Ham and so probably Muslims.

  4. Dear Wilson

    Re: Church construction.
    As a member of City Gates I am convinced that it was indeed a miracle
    that there were no casualties or indeed fatalities. Bricks and mortar
    can be replaced, but a God given life is oh so precious.
    God as ever is in control.

    Take care

  5. I thought we were given free will precisely because God is hands-off and it is down to us to make it home.