Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Local Police working hard to reduce crime but need more community participation.

Report on our recent meeting with Clementswood Safer Neighborhood Team Police 22nd December 2011

Homeless people causing nuisance at the benches near fitness first:

SNT advised us that they had been working with local outreach workers, support and help groups, and care workers to relocate and assist them out of their rough sleeping.  Due to pressure from residents thay had applied to the council to remove the benches.  Local Councillors however, had rejected this course of action.  It was a belief amongst those at the meeting, that removal of the benches would be counter-productive and would probably move the antisocial behaviour associated with this group to more residential areas.

A visitor highlighted the racial abuse that she saw a black lady subjected to by a young mixed race homeless person.  The police conformed that if she had called the police a response would have been forthcoming.  They reminded her that there is a team of police officers dedicated to the town centre, but adjoining team or the mainstream police if available could also have attended.  The SNT also advised that laws against racial prejudice exist and could have been enacted in this incidence.  There are also a number of antisocial and nuisance laws that could have been used to induce an arrest.

A resident advised the police that similar crime was occurring along other roads.


Burglary is still a main priority for local police.  Our SNT handed out burglary advice leaflets at this point.  Wilson Chowdhry advised local people to initiate neighbourhood watches which enable communities to become more vigilant, protecting one another.  a local lady has put herself forward as a potential Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator for Stanley Road and is seeking other potential members for her group.  Clementswood Police will deliver letters  with more information to residents of Stanley Road.  There is a dedicated unmarked burglary vehicle that regularly patrols hotspots in the borough.  Three major London Police operations were being used to tackle burglary:

Operation CUBO:  Seizing of uninsured and untaxed vehicles had resulted in a number of cars being crushed, and petty thieves, have also been caught as a consequence.

Operation Bigwig: Known offenders where being watched an monitored to prevent return to criminality.

Operation Hawk:  Hi visibility patrols and unmarked burglary vehicle

Street Begging:

A zero tolerance policy is being enacted by the team towards begging in the town centre.  10 Beggars have been arrested and 1 removed from the borough.  Local police are working with support groups to reduce incidents of begging.

Wilson asked what could be done to eradicate the illegal the windscreen washers at the junction to the A406.  The Local SNT informed the meting that when uniformed police arrived at the scene often the perpetrators had already fled.   It would not be efficient to coordinate a plain-clothes police response.

Cycling through the Town Centre:

Illegal cycling through the town centre is being targeted and £30 fines had been given to over 20 cyclists.

Alcohol drinking in streets:

The police provided us with leaflets on the no-drinking zones introduced to the borough.  I will be uploading an electronic version for your perusal.  Green lane has not been included within the existing plan and Wilson suggested that we hold a future meeting with Sgt Fletcher to see how to gain a wider control order.

A local woman described antisocial behaviour on the streets at the corners of Green Lane and Gordon Road/ Connaught Road and Connaught mews.  Police were aware of the problems and are undertaking patrol to limit nuisance.  The SNT confirmed they would speak to local shopkeepers asking them not to provide plastic cups to drinkers or open bottles.  Also reminding them of their obligation not to provide alcohol to people already over-intoxicated.

They have a no tolerance policy which has resulted in on the spot fines of £50.00 although these are not always enforceable due to itinerants with no fixed abode.


Men clients were being targeted on Ilford Lane and caught via the Borough CCTV system.  Ltters were sent to their homes warning them that their vehicle registrations had been obtained and that they were being monitored.   Many had been caught in sting operations and fined with a section 59 warning for 1 year that could lead to a criminal recorded, for any repeat offence. Some of this crime had moved to Stanley Road.  Prosecutions are also being undertaken on girls soliciting for sex.

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