Thursday, 21 October 2010

Wilson is awarded as Human Rights Champion!

Wilson with Upkar Rai the Communications Officer for the British Sikh Council and Vice President of Seven Kings Gurdwara.

Wilson spoke on the similarities of the Sikh and Christian faiths in their pursuance of peace and challenging of oppression.  His wife Juliet translated for the Panjabi speaking visitors.

Wilson Chowdhry a committed Christian has long stood with other minority groups with or without a faith in campaigning for equality and human rights, both here in the UK and abroad.  

When Mulsim parents of Loxford School complained about the loss of a prayer room facility for children at school.  Wilson worked with both parties in resolving the fracas and ensuring long term, enduring good relations.
Wilson has been working with the Sikh community for over 6 years and joined them in a Candlelight vigil in Ilford Town Centre during 2004.  The event featured in a number of media, as it was the first of their global 1984 Masscare Peace Vigils to hold a collaboration with other faiths.

Wilson was also responsible for the alteration of a Passport Office discriminatory practice that involved the refusal  of entry to their offices when applying for a 24 hour passport - to Sikhs wearing their Kirpaan (ceremonial knife).  Wilson eventually had this practice changed after evidencing that there had been no incident when a Kirpaan had been used inappropriately in the UK.  The Passport Office agreed to undertake a new risk assessment and created a scheme whereby Sikhs with a Kirpaan can now apply for and collect a 24 hour passport from the Collections department on request. This practice was adopted in 2006.

Wilson has also spoken at the memorial service of Sukhwinder Singh stabbed to death in Ilford, when protecting a woman from being mugged.  He has also worked with them on mutual campaigns for justice and the abrogation of the Blasphemy Law in Pakistan.

Wilson said:

"It was  great privilege to be nominated for this award.  I do what I do, as there is a solid purpose and need quite simply it is what God ask's from all of us.  Being recognised by the Sikh community for my work is particularly nice, as I have so often enjoyed working with them.  Events like the one held by the British Sikh Community deserve recognition for the impact they have on community cohesion"

Here is what the British Sikh Council said:

British Sikh Council UK
Sikhs Celebrates establishment Tri-centenary of First Sikh Kingdom

British Sikh Council UK (BSC) invited other communities to attend its Annual Sikh Conference on Sunday, 17 October, 2010 held at Gurdwara Singh Sabha London East, Barking to mark the Tri-Centenary of the establishment of first Sikh Kingdom (Fateh Divas) and Sikh Human Rights.

This auspicious event in Sikh history marks the victory over the tyranny inflicted by Mogul Rulers and the establishment of the first Sikh Raj in Punjab (India) by the first Sikh Army General, Baba Banda Singh Bahadur, appointed by the 10th and last living Guru Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

This conference was well attracted by a large number of leaders of Sikh organisation, and other communities. It was also attended by honourable Mr Mike Gapes MP Ilford,  Balvinder Kaur Saund. Councillor,Deputy Leader Redbridge Council, Ilford, Chair Person Womens Association, Baldish Kaur Nijjar Councillor Redbridge Council,
##Honoured by BSC as Pride of the British Sikhs.

Palbinder Singh Chairman
Metropolitan Police Sikh Association. Honoured by BSC as Pride of the British Sikhs

Manjit Singh Buttar J P : First Sikh Centurion Manager London Underground, Co-ordinator Trafalgar Square Visakhi Celebration, London, Campaigner of Sikh Human Rights and Founder Sikh Association  of London Underground.
 ##Honoured by BSC as Pride of the British Sikhs

Bachiter Singh Saggi: Manager London Underground, President and Founder; Sikh Association of London Underground

Surinder Singh Jandu General Secretary. Ramgarhia Sikh Council UK.
##Honoured by BSC as Pride of the British Sikhs
(For contributions towards Sikh Community)

Gagandeep Singh: Sikh Chaplain London, ##Honoured by BSC as Pride of the British Sikhs for commendable contributions towards Sikh Community)

Lakhwinder Singh Athwal, Gursikh youth; started age 5 Wado Ryu Karate, started Mugendo Kick Boxing at 9, Black belt age 12 in WRK, British  Kickboxing Champion 2006 and 2010 and representing UK at international Level.

##Honoured by BSC as Pride of the British Sikhs

Rajan Singh Rai: a very young boy winners of 28 , 9 Silvers and 18 Bronze Medals under10, under 15,in Paris and now under 17various champions in Fencing Cadet Team
##Honoured by BSC as Pride of the British Sikhs

Anmol Singh Rattan: Gursikh Boy, Winner British Fencing Cadet Team Medals and now representing Britain in Fencing at international level
##Honoured by BSC as Pride of the British Sikhs

 Human Rights Issues
 Sikhs living in European countries are facing a number of challenges due to European laws encroaching on entrenched and fundamental rights hitherto practiced by Sikhs. Matters causing debate include Sikhs being asked to provide photographs for their ID cards without their sacrosanct turbans. In addition, airport authorities have introduced daily turban searches for staff and travelling passengers at airports.

Sikhs suffered extensively during October-November 1984 anti-Sikh riots in Delhi and in other parts of India and still seeking justice to this day.

Mr Wilson Chowdhary: President Pakistani Christian Association UK also attended this conference.

Pakistani Christian Community Association UK has been working in harmony with the British Sikh Council UK (PR Sectretary Upkar Singh Rai - Ilford Resident) in raising awareness of human rights violations and campaigning for the protection and restoration of minority rights.

 ##Honoured by BSC as Champion of Human Rights.
For his active participation, co-operation and support for BSC’s fight for Justice for Sikhs in Britain and Pakistan in the event of beheading Sikhs by Talibans and the release of other captives in the days , Murder of Gursikh Sukhwinder Singh who tried to defend a lady from a mugger in Ilford.

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