Thursday, 21 October 2010

Knife Crime insensitivity destabilises positive rehabilitation of local community!

Gruesome but see the more realistic version being sold by clicking on the Ilford Recorder link below!

After viewing a horrendous trade of an array of plastic knife's with bleeding edges, Wilson has started a campaign for the removal of the offensive items from the 99p store in the Ilford Exchange.  Wilson was joined in his protestations by Danny O'Brien from "Miles Not Knives"  a campaigner who runs to collect funds for anti-knife crime projects.  Thus far the store has refused to terminate sales of the product that are Wilson Believes desensitizes young people to the futility and impact of knife crime.

The Ilford recorder wrote about the concern:

Wilson said:

"I am disappointed with the choice to sell knifes dripping with blood in the 99p store in the Ilford Exchange. I have written to the store and their head office asking for a review of this decision which has caused a national condemnation and comes at a time when a small victory in the fight against knife crime has taken place. Only today (last Thursday) we have heard of the life sentence imposed on Yahya Gul the teenager who fatally stabbed Aliza Murza former student of Canon Palmer School, Ilford. Groups like the RNWA, EIBP, Miles not Knives, are focused on reducing the growing social malaise of youth knife and gun crime - products such as the distasteful plastic knife being sold, only serve to desensitize young people from the affects and turbulence such crime"

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