Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Wilson meets Gordon Brown again!

Wilson just before meeting with the PM (check the guern)
PM Gordon Brown and Wilson

Wilson and Louise Casey Director General of the Crime and Justice Department
Prime minister Gordon Brown and winners of a Community Crime fighter Award

We have reported previously on Wilson's visit to both the Home Office and 10 Downing Street where he was presented with a certificate signed by the PM Gordon Brown, Home Secretary Alan Johnson, and Director General of the Crime and Justice Department Louise Casey. The 3 of them also arranged a splendid event at both the Home Office and 10 Downing Street and Wilson has stated that this was a very rewarding experience. He went on to say:

"It is nice to have my work acknowledged and I feel privileged to have been included at the event. It has inspired me to work even harder to achieve a better quality of life and security for the people of Redbridge."


  1. Are you sure you weren't at Madame Tussauds?

  2. The PM's smile does seem a bit plastic and is uniform in all the pictures. However, it was either a very good robot or the real thing - you decide!

  3. Touche! It is strange however, to see a previously staunch Conservative and former leader of a very Tory Cabinet with such delightful if not somewhat bizzare Labour sympathies? Times are a chnaging and we see defections daily is this one to add to the list...?

  4. In your dreams! One of your problems is that you recognise neither irony nor humour when you see it. And I was not the Leader, I was the Deputy.

    As for defections, you of course are an expert having "jumped ship" twice.

  5. Sorry for any hurt caused, I am just used to straight and plain talking, please excuse my naivety.

    I did not jump ship - I opted for a party with whom I felt a better allignment, after being subjected to rather demoralising politics, in my previous two associations. Again I put this down to naivety.

  6. That, mutatis mutandis, is what all defectors say. As to any claim to naivety, well neither of us was born yesterday.

  7. Changing party allegiance while not an elected member is very different to doing so whilst having been elected and not submitting oneself for re-election [defection]. As some of your current and ex councillor colleagues would testify as well as a former local MP.