Monday, 11 May 2009

No Ball Games signage verdict delayed again!

Gary Staight our elected Councillor for Chadwell once again deferred the installation of a No-ball games sign for Shepherds Close and the removal of the existing sign at the green on Essex Road - at tonights Area 5 Committe Meeting. He is awaiting a decision on the campaign led by Isla, Juliet and I that will see the potential for a local by-law against Antisocial sports. This is a real shame as I believe if the by-law is to be introduced it will occur after a period of longevity and this small scheme could have introduced some solace to local residents of both these areas. Quite why he did not support the removal of the "No Ball Games" sign from Essex Road I do not know - even though there was majority favour for both these schemes?


  1. This is totally ridiculous. Is it any wonder we no longer have the internationally competitive footballing nation of the 1960's when every square of grass is marked as 'No Ball Games'.

    Ball games are not anti-social, grumpy gits who deny children the right to play are.

  2. I quite agree with you my campaign is to free green sapces so that young people have approriate areas to play football. The area located at Essex Road is almost a park - it is more than adequate for small children to play football without causing too much nuisance. However, I continue my campaign for no games on the streets as it is both dangerous and significantly antisocial