Saturday, 23 May 2009

Band Aid 2

I posted alarming concerns about the increase of Postman strewn rubber bands in Chadwell/Chadwell Heath in a post back in March. Since then the problem seems to have increased. Today whilst delivering letters along Glendale Avenue (off Grove Road) a resident asked me if I could work on resolving the issue. I informed him that I have approached Royal Mail and they are yet to respond....however, in April the General Cleansing Team had promised to write to them and copy me into he response. I took a picture of the fore of 12 Glendale Avenue and you can see the vast number of the bands littered on the streets. This road is particularly covered in the offending items and I will challenge the General Cleansing to visit the location with me on Tuesday, so that we can all agree on an action plan going forward.

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