Friday, 12 July 2013

Mammoth Steppes for Redbridge!

Professor Adrian Lister Senior Palaeontologist at the Natural History Museum and Wilson Chowdhry revealing the new Mammoth plaque, replacing an original plaque stolen early 2012.

Ilford is one of the world’s foremost sites for fossils but, apart from the plaque installed by the BPCA and EIBP in Ilford Lane and some small items in Redbridge Museum (on loan from the Natural History Museum), there is nothing here to commemorate this. Recent research has revealed that the mammoths of Ilford (at least from Uphall Pit) are not, as was thought,
an early form of the familiar woolly mammoth, Mammuthus primigenius , but a late and slightly smaller form of the ‘steppe mammoth.   We believe Ilford people should be proud of their pre-history and would like to introduce a replica of the skull to Ilford Town Centre.  Please complete our survey so that we can gauge the level of support for such a project.

Our project would introduce a life-size replica of the mammoth skull found locally and currently residing in the Natural History Museum.  The installation if successful would be installed near the original discovery site, which would be outside Boots Pharmacy in Ilford town Centre.
For a grant to be successful we need to show that there is support for our project, which we believe would invigorate great interest in our important  pre-history, whilst instilling a sense of local pride.
The project would coincide with the 150th Anniversary of the discovery and November publication by Sir Antonio Brady.  Moreover we would hold one large free public event to promote and launch our installation and a Redbridge Central Library Workshop and exhibition.
Could you please complete this questionnaire and ask others in your network to complete it too:

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