Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Stop the stabbings!

Image taken from previous community centre meeting.

Clementswood and Mayfield Safer Neighbourhood Police Teams, have scheduled a public police meeting at our community Centre following an increase in local violent crime and burglary.

The Ilford Recorder has been littered with stories on violent crime in the last few months and local residents concerned about the apparent rise, have been calling for a meeting.  Incidents include:
  • 4th November 2012 - Man Stabbed to death on Shell garage forecourt on Ley Street, Ilford
  • 24th October 2012 - 17yr old boy stabbed on Henley Road, Ilford; survived after being in critical condition.
  • 21st August 2012 - Teenager stabbed 4 times while waiting for a haircut on Connaught Mews.
Details for the meeting are as follows:

Date:                           7th February 2013

Time:                           7pm

Address:                     Clementswoood Community Centre
                                    14a Connaught Road
                                    IG1 1RN

Danny O'Brien from Anti-knife UK will be joining us and will share information on how parents can pick up the tell tale signs of a youth entering into violent crime. He will also be providing advice on how to avoid becoming a victim and what to do if you have antisocial behaviour in your area.

Local Police will share statistics on all local crime and various literature on how to prevent and reduce crime.  They intend to obtain local intelligence from visitors, so please do make yourselves available. Together we can ensure our local team is equipped as best as possible,  when tackling ongoing crime issues.  Feedback obtained will assist in the planning of their regular policing priorities.

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  1. Dear Mr Chowdhry,
    Please consider putting yourself forward for the position below. It will need effective community champions like you to succeed.

    Dear All,
    As you know I am currently putting together a NHW Association for Redbridge. For those that have put your names forward already please can you write a small synopses about yourself for the purpose of the voting procedure.

    It doesn't have to be too long. Nothing too heavy either, under and no more than 1000 words would suffice, don't worry if you think you have nothing to say. The fact that you care about your community is quite a lot in today's society. Perhaps talk about the things you have done in your watch area and group.

    Just cover these points please..
    1. You name and profession (if you have one)
    2. How long you have been a Coordinator.
    3. The reasons Why you would like to be on the Committee.
    4. Your skills and experience you have acquired and what you could bring to the group (the skills may not necessary be from your career or work environment either).

    5. Your NHW Skills and experience.

    Once I have sight of them all I will be sending them out to all Coordinators in your area along with the voting forms, invitation and instructions for the AGM.

    Please return this to me by the end of the week if possible.

    Also, please put 21st March in your diary, as I have booked this date for the AGM 7.30pm onwards.

    PLEASE NOTE: For the North and South of the Borough we still need two more Coordinators from each area to come forward for a position on the Committee.

    Please make yourself known if you would like to be put yourself forward as a candidate and contact me as quickly as possible, please also submit s short portfolio by return as detailed above..

    Lisa Cherry
    Borough Watch Manager