Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Brave-hearted performers beat the rain at school fete!

Redbridge School of Gymnastics entertained the biggest crowd during the sunniest part of the day!

Shin Cobra got everyone dancing!

The local Catholic School simply got Punjabified!

A dance competition resulted in a clear winner!

Shin Cobra wowed everyone!

Live singing during a sunny spell -it was awesome!

Go for it Shin!

Despite reports of poor weather SS Peter's and Paul's School at Gordon Road, Ilford, decided to proceed with a pre-planned summer fete Saturday 7th July 2012.  Early signs looked ominous with the build up of grey clouds the most visible blight on an otherwise exciting day.  It seemed like the weather forecasters had got it wrong, when a short rain spell at 11:30 stopped after 5 minutes and the sun sprang out intent on bringing joyous heat and light to the fortunate event.

Disaster struck at 12:30 just as the event started as a heavy downpour clearly limited the number of visitors - who numbered barely fifty and forced early performers into the school hall - this included Sally's Dance Academy from Ilford Lane and a crystal ball juggler dressed as Tinkerbell.  The only positive was that by this time over 100 visitors had arrived to the event, creating a rather cramped space in the hall however.  

Stall holders were sure it was going to be a poor result for them until the rain stopped at 14:00.   Encouraged by this I cajoled Stephanie Thomas instructor for Redbridge School of Gymnastics to drag the mats she had set up inside the hall to drag them outside for a performance.  As if by magic the sun shone gloriously and their enthralling performance was watched by a huge crowd in excess of 100 people.  

As they dragged the mats back inside for a set of free workshops for children, the rain started again.  Then Shin Cobra arrived.  He was worried about the rain as were the following performers Maguir O' Sheas Irish Dance Academy, but there was no need to fear as soon he started people started dancing and the rhythmic convulsions had people in a trance.  Whether the song and moves that Shin was teaching were some Punjabi sun dance or simply had a hypnotic power that lifted people out of the rain - his efforts worked.  Quite simply, the event was hotter in every sense of the word and life just seemed wonderful!

We capped things off at the stage area with an awesome performance by Maguire O'Sheas of international fame.  

The event also benefitted from a free Basketball Workshop by Spartans Basketball Club, A Football game, Bash the Rat, Henna Painting stall, Facepainting stall, Tombolas, bring and buy stalls, penalty shoot out and a whole raft of international food and raffle stalls.

Wilson Chowdhry who helped organise the performances said; "The PTA did a remarkable job in organizing this event the Chair Therese Cater deserves great praise for her efforts with a small team. The local community came out despite the rain and made the event a huge success. We raised lots of money for the school and lightened up what would otherwise have been a dreary day.  I would like to say a big thank you to all the performers who brought a carnival atmosphere to the school"    

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