Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Saturday's multi-faith protest against tyranny in Pakistan - did it have effect!

MNA Aasiya Nasir

On Saturday while a Muti-faith protest march to 10 Downing Street proceeded, a ground-breaking political meeting took  place in Pakistan.  Involving all minority Members of National Assembly (MNA's).  Aasiya Nasir a Christian MP reported on the meeting (sic): 

"Today Prime Minister called upon all the minority MNA's for consultation regarding the restructuring of new ministry for minorties as per his promise few weeks back & to make reforms for the minorities.

All the MNA's including Minister Akram gill and advisor to PM Dr.Paul Bhatti were present.We had an hour's meeting with the honourable Prime Minister he was very gracious and heard us humbly,we discussed all the issues regarding minorities,a three member committee has been set up and started working to restructure a new ministry for minority affairs very soon it will be notified.

We all gave proposals for the improvement in the ministry,PM directed to increase the funds and equally distribute among all the MNA's beyond party affiliations,we all demanded that immediate steps be taken to ensure a 5% quota in employment be implemented and PM to inquire regarding its status which he directed to ask for a report from establishment division.

I asked him to notify 5% quota for all professional colleges & institutions also which he told to consider in the cabinet meeting.Prime Minister was very considerate and we all appreciate his concerns regarding minorities and calling them his constituency,we are hopeful that in coming few weeks some positive developments will take place to remove the trust deficit that prevails among the suppressed community of Pakistan.

We all unanimously consented to have a new ministry for minorities and to introduce reforms to make it work more efficiently."

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