Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Stab attack on Gordon Road and a purported gun attack on Cobham Road.

On Saturday 25th June 2011 at 10:45pm my wife disturbed me from my slumber after hearing a man screaming on the streets.  I rushed to get my clothes on and called the Police and Ambulance service to the incident.   I  watched as a white gentleman poured cider on his black colleagues hand.  It would seem the black victim got caught in a stabbing incident and was in extreme pain.  The two men seemed rather inebriated and when I informed them that I had called the Police and an Ambulance the white individual showed me a scar on his chest and then proceeded to lower his tracksuit bottoms to show me a scar on his left buttock.  He commented;

"Look at the two scars on my body, sometimes you get stabbed but you don't want the Police to know about it. Wounds heal quicker than you realise"

With that he thanked me for my concern for his friend and walked away from the front of my neighbours property.  As he walked away I informed the 999 service who told me they would terminate the ambulance request but would advise the local police about the incident.

The situation did not sit well with me and after about a 20 minute prevarication I decided to follow the two men and let thee Police know where they were.  Concern for the health of the victim was a priority, but I also felt it was important that the incident was properly logged and that any perpetrators of crime were listed with the police.

I found the two men later along Albert Road and called the police I was flabbergasted when I was informed the 999 service had not logged the issue with the Police.  Police response was extremely quick less then 5 minutes. When I saw a Police car patrolling I flashed my lights behind them to stop them, so that I could give a full description of the men and a report.

After completing the report we set off to drive away the Police undertook a U turn and advised me they had found the two men.  The police throughout acted both responsibly and professionally dealing with my concern seriously, despite the mobility of the victim and his friend, or the exhibited reluctance to wait for the Police.

On Wednesday 29th June 2011  a Gun attack took place on Cobham.  Rumour has it down to an attempted shot at a Police Officer.  Road closures in the area covered Green Lane and associated exit roads between South Park Drive and the Ashgrove Pub.  Residents and businesses on Green Lane and the Associated roads have been traumatised by the incident. Police response was rapid and vehicle have been patrolling in the area a number of covert vehicles have been involved in the process (blue lights suddenly started flashing).  I will keep residents updated on any developments.

The Next Redbridge Against Violent Crime Meeting is to be held on the 21st July from 19:00 - 21:00. Our venue is to bet Seven Kings United Free Church is situated on the corner of Meads Lane and Norfolk Road.  Further details will be provided nearer the time.

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